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Jeanine Long, LCPC, owner of Connecting Families LLC, is
a former school counselor, a certified Yoga Calm instructor, a certified parent coach, and a registered yoga teacher.

A little about my journey to get here

After graduating from Fort Hays State University, I began a career in education as a sixth-grade teacher.  I am from a family of educators and knew the difference I could make as a teacher.  Wanting to further my career, I completed a master’s degree through Fort Hays State University and began a career as a school counselor.

I wanted to add another layer to my work and became a licensed clinical professional counselor (LCPC). Working in a clinical therapy setting gave me the ability to work with children and their families to remove the barriers preventing them from discovering their true potential.


As a school counselor and therapist,  I began to see more children struggling with anxiety and depression. Parents struggled to find ways to help their children. Educators found it difficult to help children learn. And if I’m being honest, I did as well. It was during this same time I discovered the benefits of yoga and mindfulness in my own life.  I began to integrate both into my work with children.


More recently, as a therapist helping children lacking self-regulation skills, I knew there was a missing piece. My clients were not moving forward despite learning how to manage strong emotions. Parents were not able to help their children access the skills they had learned in therapy. I found the missing piece through the Mad2Glad Blueprint. The blueprint empowers parents and provides them with the strategies they need to help their child.

I now have the skills and strategies to meet the needs of families seeking to find peace and calm in their lives. I am eager to share my expertise through coaching and consulting services.

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